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Research for surfaces for Apple

Apple, via C&W, were looking for their flagship store in Geneva.

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Through SPGI’s network and guidance, it was Apple’s offer that was chosen by the owners. This enabled them to open their first shop in Switzerland.

The solution

SPGI did a large scale research on Geneva’s retail market in order to satisfy Apple’s request. The only site that suited them was the old Hollywood cinema. The cinema was no longer going to exist and its lease contract was coming to an end.

SPGI’s ingenious idea put this unique site forward but the whole space had to be renovated to fit the Apple’s request and chart. Once getting the green light from Apple, SPGI negociated with the owners for the cinema to leave and for Apple to take over the lease. However other brands were also interested in this space. SPGI then needed to find the right people to talk to and offer the best deal so that Apple could get the surfaces.