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A Swiss identity, local roots, an international outlook

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A perfect knowledge of the market, on-the-ground experience, an extensive network. Earth is the limit.

  • 4 offices in Switzerland
  • 45 staff members
  • 1 international presence

The partner for your real-estate transactions

Are you seeking to combine efficiency, reliability and creativity? We offer you much more than that. Our status as a commercial real-estate leader in Switzerland, our international network and our presence in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich and Basel enable you to seize genuine opportunities and benefit from always-innovative and proactive solutions. Investors, tenant companies, owners and developers, along with many real-estate professionals, place their trust in us for advice or support. This is borne out by our 20 years of experience and the 300 projects we complete each year.

Our network

Broaden your horizons with our partner Cushman & Wakefield

Outside of Switzerland, we can offer you an international network, thanks to Cushman & Wakefield, our "Alliance Partner" since 1996. Based in London and New York, with a workforce of 52,000 employees in 400 offices in 70 countries, Cushman & Wakefield are world leaders in the corporate real estate business. Working with us, you benefit from the support of Switzerland’s leading corporate real estate partner and can enjoy access to a network of one of the world’s premier service provider.

Optimize the performance of your property assets with our spin-off Optima Asset Management

In Switzerland, through Optima Asset Management, we offer you real estate consulting services - valuation, market analysis, project management, asset management - in order to provide you with optimal administration of your real estate assets. Associated with the team of SPGI Geneva SA, Optima is composed of real estate specialists with both financial and technical expertise. You thus benefit from a team of dedicated professionals to support you in the development of your real estate strategy.